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Challenging athletes from all sports backgrounds


Are You Ready To Play?

PürInstinct is a new sport created to lower risk injury, improve decision making and challenge athletes from different sports backgrounds.


Rules of The Game

The goal of the sport is to bring a ball to an end zone without getting touched and without dropping the ball. The team on offense (3 players) must execute the task in 16 seconds or less against 2 players on defense. A set of rules inside the playing area prevent the use of certain types of passes but running is always permitted. 

The field is pretty narrow (13 yards) and has a 30 yards playing area (with a 7 yards end zone). Each team has 6 players. Every time 3 players on offense finish a play, 3 new players enter the field and must run the entire field against 2 new defenders. A game is divided into innings and the duration of a game varies from 15 minutes to 45 minutes


Unique Concept

PürInstinct is a truly unique sport that can bring athletes from different backgrounds together on the same playing field. In the history of our game, no one type of athlete has been able to dominate the competition. Our athletes come from all different types of backgrounds and each brings their own set of skills to the game.

Testimonials From Athletes Coming From All Sports Backgrounds

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Based in Quebec City, Canada

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