Rules of the game


Mixing basketball, rugby, football, soccer without contact for a super-fast game based on decision making.

Get to the end zone, don't get touched, don't drop the ball

Team of 6 are playing on a 45 by 13 yards field always 3 players on offense against 2 players on defense.

PürInstinct is also a pioneer, gathering executives, investors, and game-changers in sports to discuss the landscape of sports culture. We are determined to use our platform to create meaningful conversations about sports and use this unusual time to create a new sports ecosystem more inclusive to women and black people. 


The World's Most Athletic Sport


Tell us about your PÜRest sports moment and every month we are giving away free gears to the best story! Send us your best Tik Tok video #myPURestSportsMoment

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PÜR x Miranda Woods

A young woman talking on the radio
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Imagine a new way to play, an innovative gamification of sports. It's here. 

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